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Ste-4 musique

Inland Desire

by Mentana

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No Return 03:50
Exterior city limits in the night A car’s pulled over by the beacon lights Insert of an eye in the rear-view mirror A cop is outside and walks our way We may hide from our shadow Walk in the meadow Our share of darkness Will always claim its due We don’t need anybody To make us fall from above Flashback quarrel in the downtown nightlife A man is drunk and he pulls a knife A woman and her kids drive back to her hometown No one’s watching for the queen and the pawns Extreme close up on a wooden gavel The verdict is evil The case is closed We don’t need anybody To make us fall from above Brother and sister are swaying on a seesaw They see their father at the end of the park An engine roars on a southern highway Radio dispatch: code for some runaways We may hide the beast Hold its leash The wounds of the past Always find the breach We don’t need anybody to make us fall from above We don’t need anybody
Shutdown 04:45
He’s coming back from a shutdown Like a distant squall on the harbour Who’s up on the night watch? He’ll be rambling soon for the seagull waltz He’s been gone for the last eight months Better lay those shots for the living night Jack Who’s next in line? There’s no woman here Who could tame his thirst He’s up for a good old fight Better keep your cool when he’s playing with a jackknife Too late for shelter The eastern gale has hit the coast Who thought he could be the king But when the cash flow’s high The man’s gone wild He knows his freedom is like a match When the time has come, the time has gone (chorus) He spends a long time Working for a living Hell, a long time Working, working Yeah a long time Working for a living He spends a long time Waiting, waiting Now the streets are naked Restless neons passing by Too late for the last drop Just burning flags and lonely souls He’ll be mulling in the night One more track to drown his shivers Hold back the morning light All those years just sipping on faith (chorus) The days seems longer When he’s working And he can’t see the end No—just long, long hours Far from home In the northern lands Where the sun don’t shine In his winter grave
Gamblin' Man 04:38
I have given, I have given Gambled all that could be gambled Hoping my last hand would pay for What you took from me I clench my fist inside my pocket Looking down on the pot I’m struggling with the landing You have taken me down Now I’m walking In the morning No more money in my hand I am hiding from the shame I’ve lost my guns without a fight I had told my girl last night That I’d left the room for good Foolish talks and foolish vows There’s no such fold for a gamblin’ man Fearless and regardless Of what may come my way I have chosen my religion I have sealed a pact with luck Now there’s no one Who can stop me I will live the life I want Leaving fortune for the tellers And my white chips for the blinds ’Cause I’ll be living I’ll be all in I’ll be right here at this table Shaking hands with the devil I’ll be staring at your soul I’ve become a block of stone You will never read my mind I am living in a quarry Living like a gamblin’ man Gamblin’ man I wonder ’bout my girl Wonder if she’s still around I remember when she told me We would flee but I could not let go I don’t know if I’m right Or if I’ll ever reach the end For what I won I’ve lost again I’m so sorry but I can’t let go No, I won’t let go I’m a gamblin’ man Gamblin’ man Now I’ve passed so many draws But kept believing in my gut Betting more than what I own I dug my grave and lost my luck It takes one foolish bet To kick you off your throne And when you’re bluffing for the kill You better stand up like a man I have given, hell, I’ve given Gambled all that could be gambled I’m still waiting for the closure But my money’s all gone I’ll get it for tomorrow I’ll get it for the honour ’Cause once you taste that fucking rush You’ll give it all to be a gamblin’ man Gamblin’ man…
The Vagabond 03:16
Give to me the life I love,
 Let the lave go by me,
 Give the jolly heaven above
 And the byway nigh me.
 Bed in the bush with stars to see,
 Bread I dip in the river—
 There’s the life for a man like me,
 There’s the life for ever. Let the blow fall soon or late,
 Let what will be o’er me;
 Give the face of earth around
 And the road before me.
 Wealth I seek not, hope nor love,
 Nor a friend to know me;
 All I seek, the heaven above
 And the road below me. Or let autumn fall on me
 Where afield I linger,
 Silencing the bird on tree,
 Biting the blue finger.
 White as meal the frosty field—
 Warm the fireside haven— Not to autumn will I yield,
 Not to winter even! Let the blow fall soon or late,
 Let what will be o’er me;
 Give the face of earth around,
 And the road before me.
 Wealth I ask not, hope nor love,
 Nor a friend to know me.
 All I ask, the heaven above
 And the road below me.
Winter’s blooming On Ticken Cove It’s a lonesome harbour When the boats are gone Hey—when the early nights Knot to dock We’ll be meeting at the bowling alley Hoping we can ease the cold Girls, I’m the only man left in town I’ll be drinking ’til I kiss the ledge The waitress is a friend of mine She was a sleeper on the pin deck Hidden from her kingpin But I’ve been out and in A creeper on the drive Yes I’m the kegler of the town When the boys are gone Blowing all the racks for the neon girls On the neon lanes Since I sold my boat I’ve been three sheets to the wind I can’t slow down on the booze I’ve been singing Anchor Aweigh Sitting at the bowling alley Beached high and dry Darkness is in the offing I’m stranded at the bitter end Listening to my siren sing She was the Berlin wall Of the telephone poles But I’ve been waiting on the runway To make my steal Yes I’m the kegler of the town When the boys are gone Blowing all the racks for the neon girls On the neon lanes
I met a girl from the east side I met her in the park As the sun began its daily slide And the clouds were getting dark I brought her to a hotel Took her right there in the hall Her eyes they filled with glory As my ring scraped the wall (chorus) There's a devil on every corner There’s a devil in every seed A devil in every soul A devil inside of me We ran into each other one evening There was a man holding her hand She pretended not to see me But we both knew she had I paid my tab and left the bar Then she came running to my car Saying meet me back at the hotel (chorus) Weeks go by and crumble There’s a shadow in my home Between my breaths I stumble I just want to be alone Ain’t no lie a man can hide I try my best to choke my heart But every time I close my eyes I see her in the park (chorus)
Tiger 03:54
Send off to sleep the tiger Don’t let in the fire It’s dark but it’s darker Don’t unravel the wire Hide in the trench longer It’s dark but it’s darker Keep watch in the tower Kill the light on the water It’s dark but it’s darker
My bones are hurting Quivering from The lack of words The pain has settled No way to tell That a yesterday Has been lost Just slipped away I dream Of a tale That could recount Without a fault A whole life lived But you don’t look here You don’t see me (chorus) You don’t hear me You don’t listen You don’t speak to me You don’t know me I’m a prisoner in my own land I’m a sleeping hurricane Don’t you wait ’til I get angry Don’t wait ’til I break my chains You don’t know me You don’t know me You don’t know who I am You’re here as a conqueror of my earth You’ve imprisoned me In my lands Deprived me Of my territory Deprived me Of my identity You’ve chained me on reserves you’ve created You want to be the master Of my soul You don’t know my legends No you don’t know my history (chorus) You call me Blackfoot and Blood You call me Slavey, you call me Alabama You call me Mohawk You call me Nez Perce and Crow You call me Flathead You call me Greenlandic You call me but you don’t know me (chorus)
Famous Girl 04:29
I’m in need of her hips But the rain has battered the autumn’s last red blazing leaf She just left this morning and the clouds are mourning The last cigarette an old souvenir Yeah I’m a chain smoker and I’m in need of a cocaine rush I’m a rare toker without the cash of my famous girl And now that she’s gone I’m soaked to the bone A fine silhouette of a broken match Will she ever come back to me My famous girl And now I’ll dance to her song And the light will shine on all that’s dark, cruel and poor I fought not to fall but stumbled to my needs A polished revival of foolish desires Yeah I’m a chain smoker and I’m in need of a cocaine rush I’m a tired crook without the heart of my famous girl Now that she’s free, what’s left for me? A cold silver stone shackled to my chest Will she ever come back to me My famous girl And now I know that she’s gone But I’m so blind I still hear her lips on my ear I just packed my bags, and I’m going far Farther than the end of the Roman road ’Cause I’m a mean drifter in the wheel of a Russian gun Yes I’m a sick bastard without the kisses of my famous girl Now that I’ll die for her will you let me go To my final destination Or will she come back in time My famous girl
Western Soil 03:02
Someone's playing on a French torn horn They're all saying the hell with gold Now I've joined their shouts To lead the way Doesn't matter which way To the western soil When the town runs dry It is time to fly The marching bang And the east burns oil Now we’re aiming for the chimney To free our burden The wives stay home And the whores will follow Hey yeah… Cocaine cowards and Indian powder The fight will come To the western coast Now we’re gaining more than money We’re gaining for the ride The acid kicks in And the heart keeps pounding Now there’s black gold mud Running through my veins And I'll shoot my brother If he's standing in my way We'll be working night and day To ease our sorrows The boiling ground Is calling your name Hey yeah… Now I don't know When I'll be back It seems I've lost My way back home The sky’s turned crude And the storm is pounding And my big black boots Are sinking in the ground I’ve drunk my pay I've snorted my mind I'm drowning at the bottom Of the western soil Now the tide has swelled And my guns are loaded But they'll take me down When sun goes over me Over me, over me It was a sad cold day For an eastern cowboy Asking why in hell He ever left home Left his wife And left his life To set foot here On western soil Hey yeah…
I’m an island In a bottle An old rupee in a box Daydreaming about the places I’ve been And I walk some streets to lose myself Yeah it gets me far, far from this shore I’m a picture on my fridge A ticket for a bus Someone’s buried beneath the stones The thrill is tattooed on the bottom of my shoes A needle filled with foreign girls Foreign girls I’m the Eiffel on my keys The night before I leave Le bon voyage, we’ll meet again Another round before the blast Before this wound’s a souvenir I’m a Turkish book of matches A deserted peace of mind While waiting for the train to come That’ll bring me to where they know my name Saint Christopher has gone away Gone away


released March 11, 2016

Mentana is:
Robin-Joël Cool : vocals, acoustic guitar, dobro & harmonica
Viviane Audet : vocals, piano, wurlitzer, organ & banjo uke
Yannick Parent : drums, percussions & acoustic guitar
Pablo Seib : double bass & electronic bass
Jonathan Fournier : electric & acoustic guitars

Guest musicians:
Robert Seven Crows : vocals & hand drums
Olaf Gundel : dobro & Lap steel guitar
Tommy Gauthier : fiddle & mandolin

All songs lyrics by Robin-Joël Cool except "The Vagabond" (Robert Louis Stevenson - public domain), "Devil on the corner" (Joseph Edgar & Robin-Joël Cool), "Tiger" (Viviane Audet & Robin-Joël Cool), "You don't know me" (Joséphine Bacon, translated by Robin-Joël Cool & Katia Grubisic, from Nous sommes tous des sauvages, Mémoires d'encrier, 2011), "Speed the plow (My good old Charlie)" is inspired by the play Speed-the-plow, by David Mamet.

All songs composed by Mentana except "The Vagabond" (Ralph Vaughan Williams - public domain, arranged by Robin-Joël Cool), "Tiger" (Robin-Joël Cool, Viviane Audet & Erik West-Millette)

Produced and arranged by Mentana & Leon Louder
Art direction by Robin-Joël Cool & Viviane Audet
Engineered by Francis Bélanger Lacas
Mixed by Peter Van Uytfanck & Leon Louder
Mastered by Ryan Morey
Additional production by Leon Louder
Recorded at Mixart Studios, Montreal except "Islands & Rupees", recorded at Le Studio Parleur, Studio du Chemin 4 & Mixart studios ; engineered by Alexis Martin, Ludovic Bonnier & Francis Bélanger Lacas.

Artwork "The specimen" by Toni Hamel
Photography by Marjorie Guindon
Graphic Design by Anne Desrosiers
Label Ste-4 musique
Management Cesaratto & Co


all rights reserved



Mentana Montréal, Québec

Mentana :
Robin Joel Cool, Viviane Audet, Pablo Seib, Yannick Parent & Jonathan Fournier.

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